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Structural Concrete Design

Tigne, Construction of 14-Storey Residential Apartment Block

Tigne Point, Sliema (Malta)

Through the construction of the T17W block known as Q2, Forward Structures proudly assisted Perit Adrian Falzon of CS Design. While CSDesign provided the Architectural, management and overall lead side of the project, Forward Structures assisted in the provision of structural analysis and design of the residential block.

Spread over 14 floors with an average of 900m2 per floor, the structure was constructed using in-situ concrete columns cast on a series of pad as well as piled foundations, and slab over with pre-cast permanent formwork floor panels with in-situ topping cast on site in order to create the structural rigidity required for overall lateral stability.

  • Structural Engineers: Forward Structures
  • Architects: CSDesign/Perit Adrian Falzon